Purposes and objectives of Association

The main purpose of our Association is to

In the first instance, emphasis will be placed on education and raising awareness. It is no secret that cannabis both here and many other parts of the world is still surrounded in controversy. Whilst the tide is turning positively and rapidly forward on a global scale, there is most certainly a need for continuing education, research and development. Allow us to mention the following broad-based points:

  • The beauty of cannabis is that all it is doing is supplementing the body’s natural cannabis system called the endocannabinoid system. Humans have this natural system throughout the body, so it is not surprising that the plant has many medical benefits.
  • Cannabis is a plant that contains biologically active compounds in its stems, leaves and flowers. There are many types of strains of the three-cannabis subspecies (Cannabis Sativa L, Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis Indica). The two most biologically active compounds in cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (‘THC’) and cannabidiol (‘CBD’). Each plant has specific ‘THC’ – to – ‘CBD’ ratios and because of this some strains have different kinds of effects than others.
  • ‘THC’ affects how you think, act and feel. It can make you feel intoxicated or ‘high’. Of course, we do not advocate the use of cannabis for this purpose. THC in the correct composition has great medicinal value. ‘CBD’ on the contrary has a more relaxing effect with no side effects. Both compounds have proven to be useful for medicinal purposes to help treat symptoms like pain, inflammation, bowel disease, seizures, nausea, and patients who suffer from conditions like cancer, AIDS or multiple sclerosis.

Cannabis used for industrial purposes is called hemp. For hundreds of years hemp has been used in paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, paint, and insulation and more recently in pet-food, wellness and beauty products. It is one of the fastest growing agricultural crops with enormous industrial processing post-harvest use and low overall environmental impact. The cultivation of ‘hemp’ in Cyprus and export thereof has been legally permitted since 2016.

Cyprus legalized the medical use of cannabis oil in January 2017 for use by advanced state cancer patients only. In February 2019 a more expansive law was passed called ‘The Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Laws of 1977 to 2019’

which (inter alia):

(a) increased the number of qualifying medical conditions to include chronic painful conditions associated with, among others, HIV; degenerative diseases of the motor system; rheumatism; neuropathy and glaucoma; Tourette's syndrome and Crohn's disease;

(b) permits under certain strict pre-requisites and conditions import of cannabis seeds and cannabis plants for cultivation, production, processing and export of medical cannabis and

(c) regulates issuance of (initially) three licenses to those who meet all necessary requirements, aiming to draw in financially sound companies with worldwide experience in the field of cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis.

Other purposes and objectives of the Association include:

  • To cooperate and work closely with both the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as other relevant government departments to promote the creation, growth and further development of the cannabis industry. In due course, growers and processors will need to be empowered to ensure the entire cannabis plant is fully utilized to enable access to all its potential uses.
  • To represent all stakeholders and communities that can benefit from the development of a vibrant, sustainable and flourishing Cyprus cannabis industry.
  • To support, promote and further the cultivation, processing, distribution, manufacturing, import and export and use of cannabis and its products.
  • To represent the cannabis industry to the Cyprus government, institutions and regional ministries in order to promote growth and develop a sustainable, thriving and financially viable cannabis industry within Cyprus.
  • To provide the Cyprus government, institutions and regional ministries, the media, and the public with current and reliable information on cannabis.
  • To develop and submit recommendations for any legislative and / or other changes, and to participate in the required process of any legislative change.
  • To establish a regular exchange of information between its members, and to cooperate with other national, European, and international organizations and associations, to further the commercial, agricultural and medical use of cannabis in all its forms.
  • As far as possible to provide basic advisory and support services for members of CCA and its community.
  • To undertake all such other activities, enterprises, projects or ventures which can be conducive (either directly or indirectly), to the attainment of the Association’s objectives and facilitate, support and encourage the various sectors of the cannabis industry.
  • Cannabis has the potential to transform lives and considerably improve healthcare services in Cyprus. Negative associations with cannabis are hindering its progress. With effective communication and reliable data, we aim to change minds about cannabis and trigger further reforms so that patients can live happier and healthier lives as a matter of basic human right.